Noteworthy Islands of the Great Lakes System

January 2017

2nd Place (Black & White), WLIA 2017

Honorable Mention, CaGIS 2017 Map Awards

For no reason other than love, I decided to put together a little (or, rather, big) poster showing the largest islands in the Great Lakes & their connecting waters. And for fun, I made it in two different styles: “Hip” and “Classic.”

There’s some room to quibble over what is “an island in the Great Lake.” Wolfe Island is at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River as it enters Lake Ontario. Walpole Island is formed by the delta of the Saint Clair River, and in any case isn’t on one of the five Great Lakes proper. I erred on the side of inclusion. And in retrospect, I should have used “Sizeable” rather than “Noteworthy” in the title.

Given that these are 24″ × 36″ posters, I recommend visiting my blog post about the maps to look at PDF versions in their full glory. You can also read more there (or buy a print!).