Typewriter Maps

November 2018

Honorable Mention, CaGIS 2019 Map Awards

In November 2018, I remembered that I had a typewriter in the basement: my father's old Royal Safari II. In the search for a good excuse to make use of it, I landed on the idea of making some typographic maps.

They are full of smudges from the ribbon, alongside errors corrected with a generous application of Wite-Out. But I’m quite pleased with their messy, organic, analog nature. Others seemed to be, too. In an era of digital precision, I think people yearn for an organic feeling.

I made attemps to do a “vector”-like map, as well as a couple with “raster”-like effects by using different characters to create different levels of darkness. If you step back/squint, you can kind of see it working.

More detail on the process, as well as high-resolution images, can be found on my blog.